Rates & Tariffs

Villa Unit$150.00$160.00$185.00
Executive Unit$140.00$150.00$170.00
Standard Plus Unit$125.00$135.00$160.00
Standard Unit$115.00$125.00$150.00
Budget Unit$110.00$120.00$140.00
Powered Site$35.00$40.00$48.00
Unpowered Site$28.00$32.00$38.00

All rates quoted are for two people only. Additional adults for units are $20 each per night and additional children (ages 3-15 years) $15 per night). For camping sites additional adults are $12 each per night and additional children (aged 3-15) $10 each per night.

A deposit of one nights accommodation is required at the time of booking.

One car and one boat or trailer can be parked on sites. All extra vehicles are required to be parked in the visitor's car park.

All units and cabins are self contained. When staying in a cabin please ensure you do your own dishes, take out rubbish and make your own bed.

Subject to change without notice.

Mid and Peak Times

Peak times apply being Christmas and Easter periods.

The peak times for Ball Park Caravan Park are:

  • Christmas: 20 December to 31 January.
  • Easter: Thursday for 1 week.
  • Long Weekends: March, June and October.
  • Special Events: Day on the Green etc.

Mid times for Ball Park Caravan Park are:

  • All School Holidays, NSW and Victoria.

Minimum booking periods will apply during the above peak times. Confirmation is required 4 weeks (30 days) prior to the booking. Once confirmed you are committed to that booking with full payment required. Changes and reduced days may incur a fee.